FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

faqHow do I start the website process?
Your web designer should ask you a lot of questions about your small business or service. They should try to identify your target market and required functionality before any work starts. We encourage our customers to work with us through the content gathering process because no one knows their business like you do.

How do web design companies charge?
There is not standard in the industry. The most common price web designers charge throughout the U.S. is from $60 to $100 per hour. Some designers offer "packages" that you choose from to best meet your small business ... these have high yearly and hidden fees. Some forgo the design fee for a very high monthly service fee (over $75) and require a lengthy contract. While this no-money down scheme may sound attractive, you will probably end up paying much more in the long term.

After a lot of consideration, we came up with the most honest, upfront, and consistent pricing we could ... we charge for our time only, at only $45 an hour ... Let us serve as your professional and affordable website designer (and and those two don't normally go together). WE ENCOURAGE YOU TO CHECK OUR LOW PRICING!

What does a website usually cost?
There are great differences in how much web designers from the same area with similiar talents charge.  Why?  Because they can!  Services will sell for what people are willing to pay for them. Most sites average $1800, plus up to $500 per year. Our average on the other hand is $950, and as low as $60 per year for hosting. You just can't get any better service for the cost.

What about low-cost web sites?
You can often get a small starter site for a few hundred dollars. However, be wary ... they are more times than not plagued with problems such as ...

  • Limited traffic
  • Slow page loading
  • Limited or no customer service

In short, you get what you pay for and your customers may judge your company on the look and performance of your website.

What is a domain name? Your domain name is your address on the Internet. It’s how people reach your website.

What does a domain cost? The cost of the domain varies per company. $12 per year is an average cost.

Who should register my domain?
All Internet domains are registered through a world-wide non-profit oversight organization called ICANN. Ideally, your web designer should register your domain for you since they will be managing the website for you. They should be in a better position to manage your annual domain renewal for ICANN. Watch out though! Some providers are unethical regarding the domain ownership. Make sure that you own the domain and are not merely leasing it.

What is hosting?
Hosting includes all the computer services to keep your website running on the public world-wide Internet.

What should I look for in a hosting company and web designer?
There are many important factors to consider. 

  • Do they host the website themselves or do they outsource the service to someone else. Ideally you want a web designer who provides the hosting themselves.
  • Do they backup your website? How do they do it and how often? A site should be backed up to a separate server in a different geographic region every night.
  • What is their uptime and downtime? Ask their total downtime over the past year including maintenance. If they can’t generate specific dates and times, they aren’t measuring it.

We are proud to announce that our servers are redundant between three locations with a 99.99% uptime.

What does web hosting cost?
As with most services, there is a broad range. You can pay anywhere from $5/month to $50/month or more. Be careful of the low end hosting. You may feel like you will save money, but their uptime and server performance may not be satisfactory. Or they may charge extra for additional features that end up making your final cost higher than expected. The price we quote you includes hosting and hosting maintenance!

What is SEO - Search Engine Optimization?
This is all the tools and methods used to help your website be recognized by the search engines (like Google, Yahoo and MSN) and be easily located by people using search engines. We utilize little known methods to get your site found quicker in local markets.

I got an email from a company saying they can make my website #1 for $75/month. Should I get in touch with them?
BE WARY! This is a common marketing ploy that is rarely successful. We have failed to see anyone who can actually make a website #1 in any amount of time. It is more important to have a professionally built site with all the requirements the search engines require. If your business relies on a local marketing strategy, we have little-known and proven methods to get you customer visits in a very short period of time.

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